His mission

(he chose to accept it)
Organizing high-impact teams
He was a major player in creating a healthy team environment that web and mobile were in the process of trying to foster at the time of his arrival and beyond…He has a strong spirit of mentorship and is generous with his time when teaching.
Mobile Engineering Manager

Recent Deployments

GraphQL API and Data Visualization
Rails training at GitHub

Tools & Tradecraft

Team systems and processes


Ruby and Rails



Noteworthy Achievements

Directed refactor of product critical functionality, simultaneously eliminating code, increasing accuracy, and improving performance
Established enduring project timeline reliability through team culture and process changes
Supported a team of eleven Test Double consultants working across several client teams to discover and elevate organization-level improvement opportunities
Led partnership with client data team to drive consistency across deployed environments
Co-taught a Rails training course for GitHub
Mentored client developers on Javascript best practices through pairing, technical presentations, and code reviews

Reports from the Field

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