Her mission

(she chose to accept it)
Nimble yet consistent support to improve operational efficiency
Jaquel is the most resourceful person I know. A constant professional, she is able to adapt to a variety of situations and is successful at just about anything she puts her mind to. She has all of the innate, hard to teach qualities that so many of us look for when hiring. She's intuitive, conscientious and extremely observant, all of which make her an invaluable member to any team.
COO & General Manager
Freedom Day Solutions

Recent Deployments

Heart hands
People support
Accounts receivable/Accounts payable
Operational collaboration
People of Color Employee Resource Group

Tools & Tradecraft

Compassionate communicator

Hula hooper

Diverse and dynamic environments

Composed under pressure

Educator at heart

Noteworthy Achievements

Promoted to secondary educator leadership role, recognized for superior teaching skills, and secured grant for campus based on achieving state performance measures
Help foster sense of community by serving on homeowners association board of directors since 2012
Aided in spearheading the implementation of a new global workflow management system for cross-functional teams
Created and managed end-to-end accounts payable processes for startup company to build better relationships with vendors

Reports from the Field

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