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(he chose to accept it)
Leave people better than I found them
He is capable of being confident with humility and has the empathy and business acumen to be a trusted advisor helping me think through and solve problems that were outside of the direct engagements.
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Noteworthy Achievements

Led my own consulting business focused in enterprise-wide application roll-outs and business transformations
Visiting and adjunct professor in Economics for Xavier University and an adjunct professor in Economics for the College of Mount Saint Joseph
Started playing AD&D in 1981 as a freshman at Ohio State and continued to play it and every variation up through 5e
In high school, I deadlifted over 600 lbs in a contest and then ate a 4-pack of vanilla iced Hostess Zingers in less than 30 seconds on a dare

Reports from the Field

  1. Double Agent Profile: Ed Frank

    Get to know Test Double’s new VP of Customer Experience Ed Frank, who continues to be inspired by the idea of paying it forward.
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    June 7, 2022
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    Cathy Colliver
    Ed Frank
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