I’m teaching workshops on the topic of testing React and React Native this year. These workshops are offered as part of larger conferences with lots of great speakers and additional workshops available, too.

Here are the topics I’ll lead workshops on:

Designing effective tests with React Testing Library

  • Length: 3 hours
  • Location: virtual
  • Date: June 14 at React Summit

React Testing Library is a great framework for React component tests because there are a lot of questions it answers for you. But that doesn’t mean testing is easy: there are still a lot of questions you have to figure out for yourself.

In this three-hour workshop, we’ll introduce a mental model for how to think about designing your component tests that will help you answer those questions. This mental model will help you break down how to test each bit of logic, decide whether or not to mock dependencies, and improve the design of your components.

SOLD OUT: Testing React Native Apps

  • Length: full day
  • Location: in-person in Portland, Oregon, USA
  • Date: May 17 at Chain React Conf

Most developers aren’t satisfied with their test suites, and this is especially true in React Native. But it doesn’t have to be this way!

In this workshop, we’ll look at two great testing tools custom-built for the React Native ecosystem: React Native Testing Library (RNTL) and Detox. You’ll spend a full day learning the tools, techniques, and principles you need to implement tests that will help you ship your React Native app with confidence.

You’ll leave with a clear vision for the goal of your component and end-to-end tests and with techniques that will help you address any obstacle that gets in the way of that goal.

Effective Detox testing

So you’ve gotten Detox set up to test your React Native application. Good work! But you aren’t done yet: there are still a lot of questions you need to answer. How many tests do you write? When and where do you run them? How do you ensure there is test data available? What do you do about parts of your app that use mobile APIs that are difficult to automate? You could sink a lot of effort into these things—is the payoff worth it?

In this three-hour workshop we’ll address these questions by discussing how to integrate Detox into your development workflow. You’ll walk away with the skills and information you need to make Detox testing a natural and productive part of day-to-day development.

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