His mission

(he chose to accept it)
Defeat legacy code

Recent Deployments

Technical debt
Taking over a legacy Rails monolith
Fintech product development with Rails/React
Post Secondary software curriculum development
Legacy project rescue and onshoring

Tools & Tradecraft

Test Driven Development

JS / React

Ruby / Rails

Sticking with one hobby


Noteworthy Achievements

Spoke at RailsConf 2023 in Atlanta “The End of Legacy Code”
Helped a team take over a legacy Rails monolith, enabling change with confidence
Sparked joy on teams for Test Driven Development, pairing, and spreading domain knowledge through code and supporting tools

Reports from the Field

  1. How to Date a Gem

    Test Double's agents collaborated on a tool to find out-of-date dependencies to help with a ruby upgrade. Here's a sneak peak of what collaboration looks like at Test Double.
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    July 24, 2023
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    Steve Jackson
    Daniel Huss
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