I’m offering workshops on a variety of React and React Native topics this fall. Most of them are available virtually, so you can join from anywhere with an internet connection. (I bet you have one of those if you’re reading this!) They’re offered as part of larger conferences with lots of great speakers and additional workshops included in the ticket price, too.

Here are the topics I’ll lead workshops on:

Designing effective tests with React Testing Library

React Testing Library is a great framework for React component tests because there are a lot of questions it answers for you. But that doesn’t mean testing is easy: there are still a lot of questions you have to figure out for yourself. In this three-hour workshop we’ll introduce a mental model for how to think about designing your component tests that will help you answer those questions. I’ve found that this mental model helps me see how to test each bit of logic, decide whether or not to mock dependencies, and improve the design of my components.

Testing React apps with React Testing Library and Cypress

  • Length: full day
  • Location: in-person in Atlanta, GA
  • Date: Nov 7 at connect.tech

In this full-day workshop we’ll cover everything from the 3-hour React Testing Library workshop, then we’ll dive into Cypress to learn how to write end-to-end tests that complement your component tests. We’ll see how the two types of test work together to help ensure you have maximum confidence for all edge cases, the fastest and most reliable test suite possible, and feedback to help you improve the design of your code.

Introduction to React Native Testing Library

One of the many benefits of React Native is that you have the same great testing API available that’s familiar and proven from React on the web. In this workshop we’ll introduce React Native Testing Library along with the same mental model for component tests from the RTL workshop. We’ll also cover how this mental model helps you navigate the challenge of intermixed JavaScript and native code in React Native libraries.

Building for web and mobile with Expo

React Native allows you to deploy the same codebase to both iOS and Android, and React Native Web allows you to deploy that same codebase to a third platform: the web. React Native Web has enabled me as a solo developer to create two open-source apps, each deployed to both mobile and web. And it can help your organization target platforms you aren’t yet targeting and minimize costly duplicate work. In this workshop we’ll set up the skeleton for a React Native Web app and walk through the unique concerns of a React Native Web codebase so that you’re ready to hit the ground running.

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