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(he chose to accept it)
Unpacking product philosophy one unhinged thought at a time
You tend to think outside the box, while also viewing the entire scenario while providing possible solutions. All the good technical people have this trait.
Barbara Reinholder
Technical Project Manager

Recent Deployments

Data Mesh Platform Product Manager
Product Management Coach
Product Management Consultant
Platform Product Manager

Tools & Tradecraft

Product management

Nacho maker

Systems thinking

Customer interviews

Accepting compliments

Noteworthy Achievements

New Leaders Council - Executive Board of Directors, Treasurer
Venture for America - Mentor
Dignified Product - Co-Creator
Data Mesh Radio podcast panelist on Tying Business Strategy to Data Work

Reports from the Field

  1. The myth of industrializing software engineering

    Software engineering isn’t an assembly line, and engineers aren’t interchangeable parts. They’re creative collaborators who could drive real innovation given the chance. The model is broken and there’s a better way, rooted in how assembly lines are made.
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    February 20, 2024
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    Michael Toland
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