His mission

(he chose to accept it)
Empower teams to deliver high-quality software
[Lewis] quickly became one of the most productive and proactive engineers working on the Papa Pal mobile application. His energy serves as an inspiration to the whole team.
Product Manager

Recent Deployments

Line chart increasing
React frontend modernization and team mentorship
Smartphone dollar
React Native improvements for Papa
B2B API prototyping at Seekr

Tools & Tradecraft

Testing & code quality


Craft coffee



Noteworthy Achievements

Mentored junior developers in React and testing practices through pair programming, code reviews, and presentations
Delivered React frontend proof-of-concept upgrade for legacy app, improving user experience and developer productivity
Collaborated with a team to deliver a greenfield B2B API product from concept to production in 3 months
Created lunch and learn content to help my team level up in React Native testing strategies
Helped improve testing practices in a React Native codebase leading to measurable improvements in app reliability

Reports from the Field

  1. A quick guide to TypeScript conditional types

    We recently stumbled upon a hidden gem within TypeScript that revolutionized our approach to type expectations — TypeScript's conditional types. Mastering the art of defining conditional return types empowered us to communicate precise conditions to TypeScript. Here’s how.
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    March 28, 2024
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    Lewis M Sparlin
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