His mission

(he chose to accept it)
Remove mysticism around optimization at scale

Recent Deployments

Resolved build and deployment obstructions with AWS Amplify and created path to self owned cloud infrastructure
Created self owned easily maintainable AWS infrastructure for a single developer team
Migrated deployment environment from Heroku to Azure Native Applications
Developed automated CI/CD pipeline reducing new genomic analysis app launch cycle from 1 year to 6 weeks

Tools & Tradecraft

Regulated software



Menu planning


Noteworthy Achievements

Automated a testing environment requiring application specific hardware for the aerospace industry
Developed and deployed a serverless scaling architecture to support an array of biomedical applications in compliance with FDA regulations
Created and coached a process to meet FDA standards for Software as a Medical Device
Removed testing configuration overhead for an application—reducing functional testing and integration testing time by 90%
Created AWS infrastructure tailored to be maintained without DevOps or Ops teams for small organizations

Reports from the Field

  1. 4 lessons for high-quality software from a surprising place

    As I've moved away from regulated software industries and into DevOps consulting, I keep finding myself falling back on some of the productive patterns I developed throughout my career to help provide higher quality software and more sustainable solutions without significantly impacting time to delivery. Here are the best practices I learned.
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    April 4, 2024
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    James Zimmerman
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