We were doing a panel discussion on agile perspectives, and a book recommendation came up from Jamie Phelps. And folks asked if we had a book list …

Well, we do, in fact, have a list. We call it our Reading List for Consultants. And it’s really more a mix of books, wikis, talks, screencasts, and tutorials. Part of our onboarding at Test Double for all Double Agents is recommending reading/viewing these during growth time.

This reading list evolves over time, and the content covers topics in software development, business, people, and productivity. Why business? Our consulting developers often help engineering teams figure out things like how to communicate with stakeholders or influence decisions across the entire business organization. And understanding how and why business decisions are made can make you more effective in any role.

We start out with must read and must watch and then have more good stuff. Really all of these are awesome, but we emphasize the must read and must watch because they have been really impactful at Test Double. If you haven’t read or watched these yet you really should as soon as humanly possible.

Must read books

Read them in this order.

Must read Test Double wiki content

Must watch talks

Good Screencasts

Good Tutorials

Good Developer books/reading

Good business books

Good people track books

Good productivity books

More good talks

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