His mission

(he chose to accept it)
Build strong teams and sustainable software
Tom's technical accomplishments are notable but the way he has leveled up other engineers is going to continue to impact the organization long after his departure.
Principal Architect

Recent Deployments

Line chart increasing
FinTech - Consulting & internal tooling
Smartphone dollar
eCommerce - Frontend performance
Technical debt
Legacy application modernization and feature development
Coaching, mentoring, and leadership

Tools & Tradecraft

Frontend perf

Dad jokes

System design & architecture

Leadership & communication


Noteworthy Achievements

Grew a high-performing frontend software development team and led it through a major legacy migration
Fixed and optimized a project’s development workflow and frontend toolchain
Lead and delivered a successful Social/SaaS MVP under an agressive timeline
Lead frontend eCommerce teams through Black Friday/Cyber Monday holiday seasons

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