His mission

(he chose to accept it)
Execute agile projects for lean products
Ed is a brilliant technologist
Miami tech community

Recent Deployments

Founding instructor at Wyncode fullstack coding bootcamp (acquired by BrainStation in 2021)
Healthcare practice management software at CareCloud
Rails API for 401(k) benefits management at Gusto
Engineering onboarding & training in Ruby/Rails and React at GitHub

Tools & Tradecraft



Tech education & training



Noteworthy Achievements

Founding instructor for the first state-licensed coding bootcamp in the state of Florida
One of the last (I’m assuming) Adobe ActionScript/Flash (on Rails!) developers heroically keeping the lights on in a legacy app long past the death of Flash Player
Played a role in onboarding and training every new engineering hire at GitHub over the course of a year - including one of my former coding bootcamp students!
A long career of getting paid to code in Java, ActionScript, PHP, Python, JavaScript, Ruby, and more. I’ve forgotten more tech than some folks have learned in their whole careers.
Electrical Engineering/Computer Science degree from MIT

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