His mission

(he chose to accept it)
Bringing concept to code while having fun
Smart. Adaptable. Funny. Attila has kept up with and even led the way for our hectic team, and it has been a great pleasure working with him.
Lead Software Developer
Trane Technologies

Tools & Tradecraft




Burning toast


Noteworthy Achievements

Improved client QA process by investigating e2e test frameworks and spike work on how to set up the tests to run on both Android and iOS
Established a CI/CD pipeline to streamline QA releases via Firebase, resulting in more convenient and straightforward distribution of test builds for both iOS and Android
Added TypeScript to client’s component/design library and tests to existing components to greatly improve stability and allow other devs to easily write their own components
Evaluated options and recommended React Navigation for client greenfield app as most flexible, then helped create navigation set-up and scaffolding allowing developers to easily add routes and navigable screens

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