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Under the Sun

[Note: the video above is an early sneak peek of the talk while we wait for a video feed (and a higher quality audio feed) from our friends at Confreaks. If you find the audio to be a little hard to understand, we recommend holding out for an updated version, which we hope to release over the next couple weeks.]

Justin and I were honored to co-present this presentation at Rubyconf 2017 in New Orleans. Our goal was to rediscover what drew people to Ruby in the years before we joined the community. In the talk, we shared a bunch of talks and blog posts from other Rubyists in the past, and this post shares all of those links here, in the order that they appeared, starting with Chris Wanstrath's Ruby Hoedown 2008 Keynote



Productive and pragmatic





The cutting room floor

Here are some other links that just barely missed the cut to make the talk:

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