Even though Test Double has been 100% remote from the start over 10 years ago, we always appreciate the opportunity to gather in communities at conferences. One of our values is Always Improving, so our Double Agents enjoy stretching themselves to grow by staying on top of what’s new at conferences, and sharing what we learn along the way. That’s been challenging the past couple of years, and we’re excited to be back.

Double Agents will be attending ElixirConf in-person and virtually this year, and what better way to mark this than helping solve problems? As part of an ElixirConf sponsorship, Test Double is offering several activities for the Elixir community. If you’re attending (in-person or virtually), we hope to connect.

Ask Us Anything with Test Double at Virtual ElixirConf

Wednesday, August 31
11:30 am - Noon MT
Join on Zoom here

Chat with software developer consultants Jason Allen, Matt Jones, and Robby Thompson about things like:

  • starting new projects with Elixir, Phoenix and other less-broadly-adopted tech stacks
  • how to ramp up devs who aren’t experienced in a tech stack
  • Agile vs SCRUM vs Shape Up perspectives
  • what design patterns and paradigms are portable from Elixir/Erlang back to other tech stacks

Bring us your questions on these and other topics!

Double Up with Test Double at In-person ElixirConf

Thursday, September 1 in Cottonwood 1

8 - 9 am MT, Coffee Time
Stop by to say hello and enjoy coffee or tea before sessions kick-off on Thursday.

11 am - Noon & 2-3:30 pm MT, Pairing Sessions
All these talks have you ready to do some programming? Bring a problem to work on or a topic you’ve been thinking about, and pair up with one of our Double Agents. Drop in to see what other folks are working on, charge devices, and hangout.

In-person pairing match-ups will not be scheduled ahead. You can request a post-conference virtual pair if you’re not able to be matched up in-person.

Pairing virtually after ElixirConf

Don’t have time to stop by in-person or attending virtually? ElixirConf 2022 attendees (in-person and virtual) can request a 1:1 virtual pairing session with one of our double agents after the conference. Limited availability based on schedules. Look for the sign-up link in a post-conference email from ElixirConf!

Questions? Drop us a line at hello@testdouble.com.

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