Test Double has been on a steady growth path over the last 10 years. We’ve found that our purpose of improving the way the world builds software applies to a vast number of clients that have all helped us to expand our impact on the broken software industry. While this goal is daunting, we have a clear set of next steps over the coming 3-5 years to ensure we’re progressing in this direction.

We want to:

  • Expand the size of our team to 150 or more consultants so we can take on bigger problems and have a broader impact within the software industry
  • Diversify the problems we solve so we continue to create as much value as possible for our clients, as well as our consultants
  • Improve upon the equity, diversity, and inclusivity of our team so we can help others improve equity, diversity and inclusion across the software industry

Interestingly, the challenge with growing a business like ours is the set of problems you are facing at any given point are often new to the leadership team. In many ways, we feel we’re laying the railway just a few hundred feet in front of a fast moving train.

While this is very exhilarating, we believe that to continue our growth in a sustainable manner, we could benefit from someone who has already done similar work in similar situations. Leading through this type of evolution requires a growth mindset and empathetic collaboration.

Test Double is now actively searching for a client services leader to come in and lead a variety of efforts enabling us to achieve the vision depicted above. The role—Vice President of Client Services—will lead some key initiatives for Test Double:

  • Leading and supporting the evolution of an organizational structure allowing us to scale to 150 consultants and beyond
  • Collaborating with our clients and the industry at large to ensure Test Double remains a premier consultancy delighting our clients via high value, strategic engagements
  • Collaborating with other members of the leadership team to ensure our growth does not adversely impact the healthy, 100% remote culture we’ve cultivated over the last 10 years

The VP of Client Services role is key for sustainable growth, so we will be careful in selecting the mix of software, consulting, management, leadership, and executive experience to ensure our future success. If you or anyone you know may be a great fit for this position, please feel free to tell them about Test Double, point them towards our VP of Client Services job description, and encourage them to apply.

Todd Kaufman

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