Name: Anya Iverova
Designation: Agent 0075
Double Agent Role: Talent Acquisition Manager
Special Skills: Salsa, Bachata, Kizomba Dancer
Aliases: anya-iverova
Location: Miami, FL
Favorite Emoji: Blob love it emoji

What are you proudest of doing in the past year at work?

I led the build-out of Test Double’s recruitment department. Prior to me joining TD, most of our recruitment efforts were led by our Head of Qualification. When Test Double brought me on board, I spent much of my time creating our recruitment ops—from how we reach out to and engage with candidates, to A/B testing recruitment branding for Test Double, to implementing EDI initiatives with the goal of reaching more diverse audiences. It was a challenging, fast-paced year, but also, lots of fun 😀

Looking ahead, what has you most excited for the next year at work?

A former engineer-turned-recruiter just joined our team, so I get the pleasure of working with a super smart, empathic, technical hire to learn the ropes of recruitment. I can’t wait to watch her succeed here. I’m also excited to work more closely with our new hires and support them as they transition into their new role here at TD.

What is your favorite thing about being a Double Agent at Test Double?

I’ve been pondering this lately and it hit me—I’m a better person for working here. Empathy, respect, kindness—all of these elements are present in our team culture, no matter who you speak with. The culture here has made me a much better person in my personal life. I find that I’m leading with empathy in all of my communication, no matter who I come across.

What do you think makes Test Double unique?

Lots of things, but what stood out to me was the level of support, respect, and trust granted to me in my role. Usually, these pieces are taken away bit by bit when times get tough and upper management gets anxious. But at TD, I’ve only experienced more trust and support during challenging times. Although it’s easy to say “this is how it should be,” it’s often the opposite for recruiters. We often experience lots of pressures that in turn affect the whole recruitment process at a company. I’m so happy to say that’s not the culture here.

What have you been thinking about a lot lately in software development, and why?

I often think about how we approach candidates, and how to meet them where they’re at. This is the source of the entire candidate experience and you cannot spend too much time on this piece. Colleen Leonard (our technical recruiter) and I spend time reviewing candidate backgrounds, discussing why they might be a fit here, and crafting messages that show our intention for reaching out. When I hop on the phone with a candidate, I try to understand what they’re looking for next, before anything else. I think this approach helps people feel more comfortable expressing what they want out of their career, vs. worrying about how to immediately sell themselves as the perfect candidate for Test Double.

Tell me about something memorable that happened to you last year.

I bought my mom a condo in South Carolina! That’s a big deal for me. She and I came here from Ukraine when I was 5 years old and it was always my dream to give back to her for all she struggled through. This year was a big one for us.

What has you most excited this year outside of work?

I’ve been meaning to take more art classes, ranging from comedy classes (improv, standup) to ceramic art, and hopefully fitting in another Vipassana retreat.

What book/podcast/movie/TV show have you been thinking about a lot lately, and why?

I enjoyed reading Learning to Die in Miami, a sequel to Waiting for Snow in Havana. It’s a first-hand account of a child who was one of the 14,000 Cuban children airlifted to the US from Cuba in 1962 to escape Fidel’s regime. The sequel focuses on the writer’s experience of learning to shed his Cuban identity to become American. I relate strongly with this book and recommend it to anyone who wants to know what it’s like to be an immigrant child in America.

What are you looking forward to most post-pandemic?

My uncle and his family recently moved from Ukraine to Italy, to start a better life. I’m excited to visit them, to meet my nephews and his wife, and to see a whole new lineage of our family put roots in the beautiful city of Rome.

What’s something interesting about you that’s not on your resume or LinkedIn?

I overshare on my LinkedIn. 😀 Ok, here’s one. I’m bad at catching stuff. No - really bad. I slap both hands together like I’m clapping, and whether I catch the thing or not, it’s obvious that I should never, ever, EVER play sports that involve catching.

Anya Iverova

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Double Agent
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Agent 0075
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Miami, FL

Cathy Colliver

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Agent 0080
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Louisville, KY