Finding your first job out of college is hard. Doing so during a pandemic? Even harder! When COVID-19 rolled in, Handshake’s collegiate job-search service had to adapt fast.

Handshake connects college students with internships and first jobs. As demand for their virtual offerings skyrocketed, so did demand on their team: how could they keep delivering a high quality experience for dramatically more users? Test Double was ready to help!

Building a great partnership

As our partnership has evolved, Handshake has shared how our years of Rails expertise and keen understanding of team dynamics helped them grow. Here’s Robin Lim, Handshake’s Director of Enterprise Engineering:

Fast forward 9 months, Test Double has been an invaluable resource for Handshake Engineering. By fully embedding with our Engineering squads, they have gone beyond just contributing high quality code to our code base; they have helped us onboard new hires, given valuable feedback in retrospectives, and collaborated with the team on technologies ranging from Rspec to GraphQL.

We’d like to go back to the start and focus on what made us so excited to get this call! Handshake is an ideal partner for Test Double’s senior software development consultants in a lot of ways.

First, we love organizations that are ready to accelerate. Test Double has a long history helping companies reach their next level of success! With Handshake growing both their feature set and internal team, our agents had the opportunity to go beyond delivering code to help new team members skill up quickly. We love seeing the people we work with grow and succeed!

Test Double’s expertise is broad, and we seek out opportunities that let us have a broader impact to match. After all, our mission is to improve the way the world builds software. Handshake was a perfect fit here, too. While we started our partnership with a laser focus on third-party service integrations, we’ve also helped with error handling, testing best practices, and accessibility across the broader team.

Shared values

Speaking of accessibility, let’s talk about values. Handshake is committed to empowering underrepresented groups and making sure everyone has equitable access to the job market.

At Test Double, we share similar commitments: we’re working hard to make better teams by actively reducing bias in our interview process, and our agents’ pro bono work on Great Causes projects ensure that deserving organizations have access to top-tier talent.

It’s meaningful to work with a team that shares our values, and we love knowing our technical efforts translate to a positive social impact, too.

Fast growth, diverse challenges, and social responsibility: sound familiar? If you’re part of an organization looking for a trusted software development partnership like Handshake & Test Double’s, we’d love to hear from you! We’re excited to learn how we can help you build great software and great teams.

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