IMPORTANT POLICY UPDATE: Test Double will continue to be a remote company. Do not waste time commuting to any office. Ever. We have always been remote, and we will always be remote.

Seriously, though, we are now seeing companies who reluctantly allowed remote work during the pandemic try to force their employees back into offices—without a clear idea of why being in-person is still needed. We firmly believe this is the WRONG APPROACH because we firmly believe in autonomy.

Don’t force people into your vision for what their ideal work environment should be. Let them figure it out for themselves. That’s what autonomy really means, and that’s why flexibility is the cornerstone of being a 100% remote company.

It’s not to say that we don’t see some benefits of collaborating with one another in person. We’ve had people leave our virtual office in the past because they felt like they worked better in these types of environments. To that end, we provide anyone who wants to be in an office space some level of reimbursement for co-working expense, in the case where they need to get away from a home office and work among other humans.

We understand everyone is different. And some companies are starting to embrace remote or a hybrid approach. It’s not our job to tell you how to do your best work. For us, it’s pretty simple. We are autonomous, and we trust our agents to figure out how to do their best work—wherever that makes sense for them.

Many companies are forcing their employees back into the office fearing that people aren’t as productive working from home. In our 10 years of working remotely, we have experienced exactly the opposite. Our software consultants are more productive in delivering for our clients because they have less distractions than the typical office space. They are more creative because they can choose to schedule their work hours to align with when they are at their best. Most importantly, they are less stressed because they don’t have to juggle commuting to and from work with the other commitments in their daily lives.

If you are being forced back into an office space, but have found that the flexibility and time savings of working remotely are more appealing to you, please feel free to start a conversation with our recruiting team about full-time opportunities at Test Double.

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