NAME: Brittany Moore


ALIASES: kalamet, brittanymoore, bannmoore, bann

STATUS: Agent 0035 is currently on assignment at REDACTED. Agent 0035 is working on ways to improve their api architecture and build out an end-to-end testing harness.

LAST TRANSMISSION: Agent 0035 sent along the following notes from her current assignment:

  • This is the first time I’ve seen Docker in action, and it’s very cool.

BACKGROUND: Agent 0035 is married with three cats.

Agent 0035 started college as an art major, but after taking a programming class as an elective, quickly realized her skills could be put to good use in the high class world of software espionage. She had previously shown this skill as a child, working on html and css for her online forum-based game based on a book series.

Agent 0035 loves video games; among her favorites are The Sims, Don’t Starve, Bioshock, and World of Warcraft.

Agent 0035 has also been observed reading books. Her favorites appear to be Wild Seed, Red Seas Under Red Skies, Jane Eyre, and Duma Key.




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