Today I’m excited to announce that I’ve released version 1.0 of my Concurrent Ruby gem!

One of the reasons I came to work at Test Double is the dedication and passion the company has for open source. Test Double maintains several open source projects and many of my coworkers are active contributors to to personal projects as well. Since coming onboard, the team–especially our founders Todd and Justin–have been incredibly supportive and encouraging of my work on Concurrent Ruby. Today’s big release is a personal achievement, but it’s also a big “Thank You” to everyone here at Test Double. Not only do I have the honor of working with the amazing Concurrent Ruby team (an international collaboration of more that 40 contributors from over 20 countries), but I get to spend my days working alongside the amazing developers here at Test Double.

For those not familiar with Concurrent Ruby, it is a robust suite of tools for building safe, reliable, performant concurrent applications in Ruby. It’s being used by many projects including Rails, Sidekiq, Logstash, Dynflow, Volt, Hamster, and Pakyow. The 1.0 release adds many new tools, and locks in the current API. Projects can use these tools with confidence, knowing that they have the best concurrency tools available in Ruby–and a dedicated team working hard to continually improve them.

Jerry D'Antonio

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