His mission

(he chose to accept it)
Empowering others through empathetic code review
Rob is an all-star developer! He's a stellar coder who's always eager to help others and suggest optimizations. A phenomenal asset to have on your team.
Frontend Engineer

Recent Deployments

Feature delivery at Mudflap
TED.com front-end re-write
Delivering a11y interfaces and working with FHIR for AbleTo
Modelling BPMN compliant processes and workflows at ProcessMaker

Tools & Tradecraft






Noteworthy Achievements

Facilitated team-work and pairing by helping implement new agile processes and organizing pairing sessions
Improved accessibility of UI through testing, following WAI-ARIA guidelines, and reviewing WCAG compliance
Integrated with Stripe to deliver more convenient payment processing via digital wallets
Introduced Cypress E2E testing and established testing best practices to reduce regressions and increase developer confidence

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