His mission

(he chose to accept it)
Keeping it simple and stable
Pier-Luc has a healthy attitude about consulting, where he pushes for good outcomes, but has a realistic expectation of what’s possible.
Tech Lead

Recent Deployments

Java rewrite
Technical debt
CI/CD Pipelines

Tools & Tradecraft

Adapting to any situation


Imposter syndrome

Backend development


Noteworthy Achievements

Refactored Java and C# codebases resulting in LoC reduction as well as reduced complexity determined by code metrics up to 50%
Created complete, modular and customizable smoke test suite based on SikuliX in Python to detect anomalies in native C# product for Windows (locally or on a pipeline)
Designed backend systems (APIs and databases) for greenfield projects in PHP/Laravel
Administered computer network of ~40 Windows-based machines and 10 servers spread across 3 physical locations
Improved stability and execution speed for GitHub Actions pipelines
Establish processes and metrics to help working as a team—definition of ready/done, complexity metrics, team working agreement, etc

Reports from the Field

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