His mission

(he chose to accept it)
Make Test Double the best partner clients have
Mike possesses a rare combination of technical, business, and communication skills that allow him to be very effective in directing every aspect of interaction between a team of engineers and all teams that come into contact with it.
Senior Engineer
Internet Service Provider

Recent Deployments

Building client partner processes
MBA, BS, and MS
Brain tumor survivor

Tools & Tradecraft

Modern web dev


Productivity tools



Noteworthy Achievements

Co-founded a startup that attracted press and financial backing but ultimately not enough customers
Led a team of 80 in building the qualification and provisioning systems to transition people from dialup to broadband
Consulted with 50+ companies in a variety of roles for more than a decade
Successfully oscillated between technical and non-technical roles for more than 30 years
Ran a 50k trail ultra five years after undergoing surgery, radiation, and a year of chemo for a brain tumor

Reports from the Field

  1. The Sage and the apprentice

    What does Wordle have to teach us about being a complete software developer?
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    February 2, 2022
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    Mike Doel
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