Her mission

(she chose to accept it)
Recognize patterns

Recent Deployments

Build tools to save internal teams time
Foster healthy intrateam communication
Drive feature development from PRD to UAT
Magnifying glass
Uncover root causes

Tools & Tradecraft

Ruby & Rails

React & Vue

Dotfiles tinkering

Context switching

Slack emoji game

Noteworthy Achievements

Co-led RailsConf 2023 town-hall talk to establish Standard Rails through a unique RuboCop democracy experiment, fostering collaboration and standardization
Spearheaded the implementation of JSON snapshots for customizable historical state tracking in a Rails application, enhancing data tracking and system efficiency
Automated dynamic insurance underwriting processes, greatly expediting Gusto onboarding for small business owners and optimizing operational efficiency - Identifies improvement opportunities, communicates effective strategies, fosters team collaboration, and consistently delivers high-quality results
Proactive approach to catalyzing positive change and team improvement by proposing practical solutions, such as implementing PR feedback standards and utilizing Conventional Comments to enhance code reviews
Embraces problem-solving and continuous learning, willingly takes on less glamorous tasks (test porting, code cleanup, and documentation updates), and aapts to new technologies and workflows

Reports from the Field

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