His mission

(he chose to accept it)
Build the right thing the first time
Justin is great at staying focused on a requirement/scope. It's easy to jump down rabbit holes after things that look broken. Justin has been great at allowing some discussion in pairing sessions, attempting to validate—but also drawing a metaphorical line around "extra credit" or "something for later"—and then coming back to priorities.
Recent Deployment

Recent Deployments

Magnifying glass
Database normalization
Increased test coverage
Story slicing
Focus on working software

Tools & Tradecraft

Test Driven Development


Feature breakdown

Aeropress coffee


Noteworthy Achievements

Improved developer experience and product quality with introduction of an integration test suite
Increased a web application’s key metrics through focused product development
Normalized a database schema to increase data integrity, reliability, and flexibility
Educated an engineering team on Test Driven Development by presenting a talk/workshop
Has hundreds of videos of his golf swing on his phone
Was the #1 play of the month on ESPN in October 2015

Reports from the Field

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