Her mission

(she chose to accept it)
Make hard things easier

Recent Deployments

Built and maintained Terraform Modules at Mode Analytics
Containerized application builds and deploys
Suported development teams in managing infrastructure
Built an end to end testing framework at Github

Tools & Tradecraft

Cloud architecture

Infrastructure as Code



Building agile teams

Noteworthy Achievements

Built out library of terraform modules to help migrate from single-team managed platform to one empowering dev teams to create and manage systems more independently
Integrated an end to end test suite into release processes across multiple environments and cloud platforms to increase trust and accountability among teams
Led team through migration of all services run in an on prem data center into AWS
Worked with client to evaluate AWS utilization and needs to right size environment, eliminate waste, and save thousands of dollars per month in unecessary costs
Created and maintained a set of services using Golang used by internal teams to manage builds, releases, and gain insights into general platform health

Reports from the Field

  1. Double Agent Profile: Jessie Puls

    Meet the double agents behind Test Double’s mission to build great software and great teams. In this edition, find out more about Jessie Puls.
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    April 13, 2021
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