Him mission

(he chose to accept it)
Building amazing user experiences
Jesse is able to seamlessly meld frontend, backend, and operations. When Jesse explains these concepts, he makes them both accessible and simple for the audience to understand, no matter who is in it. His ability to lead, build, and mentor simultaneously makes his contribution that much more impactful.
Senior Software Engineer Tech Lead

Recent Deployments

Developer tooling

Tools & Tradecraft

Disc golfing


Distributed systems



Noteworthy Achievements

Built a very early version of an ‘app’ (it was a web view) for the first iPad that runs an NICU at a level 1 trauma hospital
Architected and built an ordering pipeline in Go, Kafka and S3 to facilitate millions of food orders and billions in revenue per year for the Just Eat Group of companies
Built and documented a suite of Typescript libraries to improve the ability for a large engineering org to build smarter products faster

Reports from the Field

  1. Stop paying tech debts, start maintaining code

    Stop paying down tech debt and start doing software maintenance. The real term we should all be talking about is maintenance, and it will help you and your team make it as habitual as sprints and retrospectives.
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    January 20, 2022
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    Jesse O'Brien
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