His mission

(he chose to accept it)
Deliver quality software sustainably

Recent Deployments

Improving code architecture
Mentoring client engineers
Leading development teams
Planning work with product teams

Tools & Tradecraft

Functional programming




Off-by-one errors

Noteworthy Achievements

Helped transform client culture from siloed devs under pressure to pair programming, dev growth time, and collaboration with product
Led planning and implementing features in global customer service software, navigating around legacy code and other dev teams’ work
Built complex simulation software with Elixir and C to simulate real-world interactions with client software and simplify testing by QA
Mentored client devs on functional programming best practices to build safer, maintainable software in Elm, Elixir, Ruby, and JavaScript/TypeScript
Designed and built architectural improvements in React, Elm, and Elixir applications
Authored The Pragmatic Programmer’s book on Elm, Programming Elm

Reports from the Field

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