His mission

(he chose to accept it)
Build teams and drive new features
Jason is great at jumping in for questions in general, and became part of the team. I could count on Jason to jump into any problem and figure it out.
Jeka Pryhodko

Recent Deployments

Team lead
Feature scoping and delivery

Tools & Tradecraft

Process consulting

Noteworthy Achievements

Built Elixir/Erlang real-time features for interfacing with power grids at the transmission service operator level
Counseled client-side peers through a period of organizational restructuring, navigating career uncertainty, and directed professional development goal setting efforts
Led “Skunkworks” team to build and integrate a Ruby Gem encapsulating all financial transaction capabilities for a legacy monolith and its next generation replacement
Hardened critical areas of the PGA’s coaching app with a performant CypressJS suite

Reports from the Field

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