Their mission

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Bring out the best in others
James inherited an over-engineered, obscure and redundant section of our code from devs that are no longer with us and no longer available to answer questions. He had to make sense of all of it and come up with a better solution for where we wanted to go. He has delivered 150%. James has brought stability, predictability and trust to code that is crucial to our business. By doing this, he has improved the whole team's self confidence.
Senior Software Engineer
Job Board Company

Recent Deployments

Frontend/React Development for a job board company
Heart hands
Full Stack Development for Pink Ribbon Good

Tools & Tradecraft






Noteworthy Achievements

Built new React apps accessed by tens of millions of monthly active users
Collaborated on the development of a design system & component library
Upgraded legacy jQuery to ES6 TypeScript & React using Webpack and Yarn 3
Supported the migration of Perl monolith code to microservice based Go & Protobuf

Reports from the Field

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