His mission

(he chose to accept it)
Maximize team strengths and promote technical excellence

Recent Deployments

Full-stack Node.js/React development for a venture capital firm
.NET systems and web development for an IoT company
Core application and infrastructure upgrades for an eCommerce firm
Author application development libraries for internal development teams

Tools & Tradecraft






Noteworthy Achievements

Co-developed a custom binary file format and validator service to speed up and secure delivery of business data over the network
Designed and developed an ASP.NET-based application allowing controllers to remotely deploy firmware binaries to embedded devices over-the-air
Served as project lead on a Laravel 5 to Laravel 8 application upgrade resulting in massive tech debt removal and unblocking forward progress on core features
Created a custom NPM library complete with detailed API documentation enabling designers to declaratively build UIs quickly

Reports from the Field

  1. The "Hockey Stick" Problem

    Why do we always end up crunching towards the end of a project? Your velocity curve might be the problem.
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