His mission

(he chose to accept it)
squash bugs, give hugs
Cory was always one of the engineers running toward the fire, not away from it.
Unite Us

Recent Deployments

Tools & Tradecraft




Bubbly drinks


Noteworthy Achievements

Designed and implemented CI/CD system to improve build stability and codebase maintainability for a fortune 50 healthcare company
Built and maintained Kafka data streams processing millions of events a day in Golang
Delivered Ruby on Rails training to two cohorts of new developers at Unite Us
Helped Betterment integrate a student loan repayment feature into their Betterment for Employers product
Quickly pivoted from a large platform rewrite project to train up and support junior developers while the lead developer was out on leave
Collaborated with a small recruitment firm to design, write, and deploy a large CRM application in Ruby on Rails

Reports from the Field

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