His mission

(he chose to accept it)
Cultivating great software decisions
Chris is guiding a client through a more intentional design/architecture process via event storming to replace a manual workflow causing a lot of pain. He's been a consultant in the best possible sense, guiding them to develop their own high-level technical vision. His thoughtful approach to collaboration, consensus-building, and systems engineering both serves the client well in the long run and speaks to Test Double's principled nature.
Kyle Adams
Test Double

Recent Deployments

Pediatrix Medical Group
Online learning platform
Test automation

Tools & Tradecraft

Cultivating teams



Food (cooking/eating)


Noteworthy Achievements

Automated away key manual bottlenecks in a complex registration process
Established shared learning opportunities to facilitate better team communication and multiplied capability
Built automated load test tooling to surface issues with a product before going live
Coordinated technical and process initiatives to shorten release cycles

Reports from the Field

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