His mission

(he chose to accept it)
Optimize team & product performance

Recent Deployments

Technical debt
Rewrite of legacy .Net/Andriod app into greenfield Rails/iOS
QA/Test Automation for large Rails + Salesforce SaaS product
Monkey wrench
Greenfield Ruby API interconnecting multiple legacy & greenfield apps

Tools & Tradecraft

Ruby/Rails (especially APIs)


Tournament poker

Single-malt scotch


Noteworthy Achievements

Architected and delivered a distributed, performance monitoring system, supporting 1,000+ nodes
Led the development of Carrot Pool, redesigned from a legacy NodeJS mining pool
Built a real-time pricing and market analysis tool, focused on cryptocurrency mining and hash-power market arbitrage
Awarded a US Patent (#10,242,538) for leading the development of a novel, embeddable, online tournament system
Led multiple cross-functional, multi-disciplinary teams to design, archtect, and build online applications
Collaborated on the design of a high-performance state machine library, in Ruby

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