His mission

(he chose to accept it)
Solve problems with clean, maintainable code
Over the past couple of years Ben’s done a tremendous job helping our stake holder, a new product owner, find success. He’s helped with everything from yearly roadmapping to backlog curation, all while consistently delivering high quality technical solutions. Ben’s been a true partner, designing and releasing technical solutions that have helped a new application evolve and become key to internal operations.
Sam Jones, Client Partner
Test Double

Recent Deployments

Line chart increasing
Product development for VC firm
Surgical refactoring and security audits

Tools & Tradecraft






Noteworthy Achievements

Helped a product owner scale up their Next.js application to fit rapidly evolving requirements
Scaled a seed startup’s architecture to handle global traffic using Terraform and AWS to enable expansion into key markets
Mentored engineers in agile practices and effective communication
Solved performance and reliability issues in an Alexa top-1000 website running server-side-rendered React

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