His mission

(he chose to accept it)
Use the Dev to make the Ops
I've never seen someone optimize so much of my work day with tiny shell scripts. And he doesn't even have a Southern accent!
Tech Lead
International Human Resources SaaS Platform

Recent Deployments

Built a local development stack using Nix
Developed a single product for 15 years
Worked with developers on nearly every continent
Proficient with ambiguous projects

Tools & Tradecraft

Pipeline optimization

Steam games

Advent of Code

Developer experience


Noteworthy Achievements

Has a tractor that cost more than his truck
Built one of the earliest Ruby on Rails applications (circa 2005)
Reduced CI time from 45 - 90 minutes on average wall-clock time to 18 - 24 minutes
Learned Kubernetes the Hard Way (by himself, with nothing but bare metal and the API documentation)
Self-hosts a CD pipeline that maintains his digital footprint
His favorite operating system is BeOS

Reports from the Field

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