His mission

(he chose to accept it)
Deliver business value through code
Aaron is an outstanding software engineer and team leader. He is fast, focused and always pushing the best possible questions that ensure product-solution fit and product-market fit. Aaron is enormously disciplined in his approach to delivery while somehow maintaining a creative edge that makes him fun to work with.

Recent Deployments

Legacy Cleanup
CI Runtime Improvements
Systems Design
Stripe Integration

Tools & Tradecraft






Noteworthy Achievements

Designed and led a zero-downtime migration from PostgreSQL to Amazon Aurora for an application with tens of thousands of concurrent users
Reduced team infrastructure spend by 95%, while also increasing reliability and durability—saving over $150k/year
Started and led a manufacturing startup delivering high quality products to nearly every country in the world!
Reduced CI runtimes from 90 minutes down to just 10 minutes 🎉

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